The problem of perception…

Sometimes I get really discouraged. We all do. For me, in the porn business, perception is the most discouraging thing. Mostly, because there’s no way – 0.0% chance – in the entire world to change it.

My journey into making porn has it roots in a few things. Red-blooded guy who likes hot girls and enjoys sex for starters, but that’s not the real story. I’m a creative guy and I like to create content for entertainment, but also because… I CAN do it, WANT to do it, and why the FUCK not? I’ve never had any delusions, however, that the porn industry would accept me, or that I could go to big porn and make movies, but I never really thought the industry would be so biased against me. Not the porn audience, by the way… just other pornographers.

I was told once, when I joked about doing a scene for a porn producer I know, that “No, we can’t hire you because you’re Canadian, and we can’t do that.” That same person has hired, and continues to hire, all sorts of Canadians, Brits, just about anyone. So… that was a lie. I’ve shot with models, who went on to other shoots afterward, claiming those later shoots were their “first porn scene ever”. Other producers don’t take me seriously. And the icing on the cake is that conversation I had with a producer once that went like this:

Me: I’d like to make a movie in LA sometime with stars, just to put that in my portfolio of content and to promote the site.
Him: Forget about it.
Me: …wha?
Him: It’ll never happen.
Me: Why not?
Him: The girls would never do it.
Me: …wha?
Him: You just want to fuck the girls, and they’ll see that coming a mile away.
Me: What the fuck does that mean?!
Him: The girls get approached all the time by guys trying to fuck them. They’ll even build websites and everything to try and look legit.
Me: That’s ridiculous! I’m a legit producer with a legit site.
Him: No you’re not, you’re a guy trying to fuck the girls.
Me: Uh, okay. Well… you know I have a site with members and legit content that’s been broadcast and all that. So I don’t understand what makes me any different from any other guy making…
Him: You’re not a pro.
Me: I’m not?
Him: No.
Me: Why not?
Him: You’re not skinny with a huge cock.
Me: That doesn’t make any difference.
Him: Yes it does. They guys who are skinny with huge cocks are professionals. You’re just a guy trying to fuck the girls.

That conversation went on like that for a while, and I never forgot it. At first I thought, “That’s completely, and absolutely the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard in my life.” The most discouraging thing, however, is that he was right. There is a huge prejudice in the industry. Again, not with consumers, but just with the industry. Sure there are consumers who don’t like our stuff because they want something different. That said, there are also guys online complaining that they could “put Peter North to shame” with their amazing cocks. But, generally, we get great positive feedback from our consumers. The girls aren’t objectified or treated badly in our content. It’s funny, the girls are hot and they get fucked like every other starlet out there.

But… that’s perception. When I feel the most rejected and frustrated, it’s the other producers and performers who make me feel that way. It’s never our members. For that, I’m grateful, and that’s why we make the content we do. It’s for the amazing people who appreciate us and who like the our girls as much as I do.

Speaking of girls and perception… I perceive Kelly Lynn to be pretty sexy.

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Is FREE killing your business? Well, tough shit…

If something can be taken, some asshole will take it. Period. This is, however, a unique kind of problem in the digital age. The reason no one walks up to your house and steals things off your front porch in broad daylight, while you’re standing in the driveway or looking out the picture window is, they’d be caught. Make no mistake – that’s the ONLY reason. Not everyone’s a thief, an asshole or a douchebag. Only most people. Yes, most people. Many are even proudly so. This is an “everything for me and fuck you” world we live in.

There are people who try to do good. People who give selflessly. People who help with no expectations, because its the right thing to do. One would imagine (or hope) that others would be inspired to show compassion. Nope. The usual response is, “Haha, you’re stupid. Good luck sucker!” I know – I’ve been on that end of the equation many times in my life.

Enter, internet porn.

Unlike most other media, people are uniquely driven to steal porn. Partly because if feels like a victim-less crime. It’s not, but it feels like it. Other times, people assume “Those porn fuckers are just making a killing! I bet they pull in a million a month! Fuck em – I’m stealing their shit.” No, again, sadly. If you stole all of Brazzers’ content, you can pat yourself on the back for that one. They stole it from other studios and built an empire on it. The rest of us however don’t enjoy that luxury. We’re often out of pocket and hoping for a good return.

Wrong again.

Unlike the porch thief I mentioned before, internet thieves are anonymous. And, when one person starts it, everyone follows. In real life, one hopes that bystanders of a crime would at least call for help. But, all-too-often looters and rioters would argue that’s not the case either. “If they’re getting theirs, Ima get mine!” As a pornographer, I face this every day. It doesn’t matter that I’m NOT a greasy shit-bag. It doesn’t matter that I DON’T treat girls I work with like objects for exploitation. Or that I DO pay well – models, crew and associates alike. And make good content in spite the cost for the few members who DO pay for it, and appreciate it.

“Haha, you’re stupid. Good luck sucker!”

Yes, the “porn is free” ship has sailed and I can whine about it all I want. It only took one asshole, then everyone followed. Porn performers who might have jumped on the wagon didn’t. Studios that might have emerged with good content didn’t. Great things that could have happened, didn’t. What did happen (and will continue to happen) is that people just lower their expectations. “I could pay for quality, or have shitty and free? I’ll take shitty and free! Haha, I win!”

Well, before the those people celebrate, I’d just want them to remember, Dominos pizza is developing a driver-less pizza delivery system. Amazon is developing drone delivery systems. So, that job they work at now for their pay cheque, the one they think is secure… yeah.

I pay for Netflix, iTunes, software and content I enjoy and support. They don’t, and that’s a difference between us. I’m also realistic and know full well I’m part of a very small group. But, it’s a group I’m proud to say I have the integrity to belong. It’s how you support a better world and better market places.

Speaking of a better world, there’s no better world that one where an 18-year-old is riding your cock. Like button for teen blonde babes!

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Good things cum to those who work their fuckin asses off

One of the problems with being a porn producer in Toronto is hiring talent. There’s no “industry” to speak of here. There are girls in Toronto who want to “try” it out, but then call you 3 weeks later saying “Oh my god what if my mom finds out? Can you take it down?” <- fortunately for me, this only happened once, but it does happen. Taking it down means affecting long-term relationships with distributors and partners, not to mention members who pay for content. Don't take it down, you're called a scum bag. Give an angry mob in a forum a non-truth like "he extorts girls for money or he won't take it down" and suddenly you're "a fat fuckin douchebag who should be shot and pissed on!" when in fact, I've gone to great lengths to be professional, courteous to the girls and reasonable as a business man and producer. That said, at the end of the day, there's always some type of bullshit to wade through, even if you're selling ice-cream from a truck on the road. So, you work your ass off, you let the shit fall where it will and get on with it as best you can. Good things will come. Speaking of cum, Kelly Lynn took a load of it in her sexy mouth.

Me (before shooting): It’s a cumshot in the mouth.
Kelly: (makes a weird face)
Me: Okay, well, no one’s forcing you – that’s just what we usually do for this series. You don’t have to.
Kelly: Okay.
Me (later while shooting): “I’m going to cum!”
Kelly: (says nothing – takes it in the mouth).
Me: Okay.

Do that like thing for all those reasons.

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Hold up, you’re talking to yourself again

It’s important to keep perspective. Especially in the porn business. To be clear, however, I should remind you that I’m not in the porn industry. I make porn, yes. I sell porn, yes. I create porn for people in porn and I even create sites for people that are in porn, and create porn. But… I’m not in porn. “In” is the key word.

To be “in” porn, I’d have to be accepted by porn. I’m not. The girls I shoot with are. The people I work with are. I am not. But, so as in life. Most senior executives in most of the companies I worked for throughout my career in the creative business shared some basic traits. Guys: tall, slim, deep voice with hair. Women: Tall, slim, long hair, come from money. I’m not saying that’s the way it is everywhere, or that you HAVE to be that way to get ahead. Just saying, it’s what I saw.

We regard, quite often, our impression of people on a higher level than their actual worth. Same in porn. I can say, until I’m blue in the face, that I pay the models well and treat them with respect. No one gives a shit – to them I’m just a greasy, sleazy pornographer. I can also say, I’ve just as much right as the average porn guy in LA to step in front of the camera and do what I do. No one cares – they just see me as an amateur with a cam-corder. I can (and have) said (to people in and out of porn) that my intentions are just as pure – to entertain – as the top male performers. No fucks given – to people in porn, I’m not a performer, I’m just some guy trying to scam girls into having sex with him. Funny side note: when I asked the porn guy who said that to me, what makes me different from some guy in LA doing EXACTLY what I’m doing, he said it was because I don’t have a large dick. By his logic (this made perfect sense to him), if I was skinny with a 9 inch cock, I’d be legit. If not, I’m just an opportunistic rapist. Ridiculous. It’s just his perception… and a shitty one at that.

But, I’m talking to myself. No one in the business cares. Btw – this is not a rant. In strict point of fact, I’m grateful for every girl who’s shown up to shoot, and gave me my content – my shot at making it happen. It’s just that talking about it is good for me. I know our members understand what we’re doing with the content, and they don’t care about the size of my cock. They just care that I stick it in some hot teenage girl, film it and cum on her face before I yell “cut!”

That, I CAN do. Speaking of “doing”… I was “doing” that to this hot teen, Skylar Harris, not long ago. Here’s a secret… I’ll be doing it to her again for an upcoming feature, TBA. Until then, here she is all naked and fucked. Like button, etc.

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Life lesson: don’t (always) be sloppy

Generally, in life, I try not to be sloppy. When i clean the bathroom, I clean the shit out of that fuckin’ bathroom. Take that statement how you like. When I wash the dishes, I WASH the fuckin’ DISHes. I don’t rinse them with a vague wipe of a non-soapy sponge and call it done. No, the dish isn’t clean until it squeaks. Literally. I even do that thing with my finger to make sure. I also do my best keep things in order, pretty much all the time. I’m not an obsessive/compulsive or a neat freak… I’m just an adult, who doesn’t like things to be messy.

Well… I mean, we all have lapses. Sometimes, my computer desktop is filled with files and shit I haven’t copied to a project folder yet. Or, sometimes I’ll go a day without doing dishes, or opening mail. But, if I don’t do it soon enough, I get distracted from work and concentrating by the unclean dishes in my peripheral vision.

One less thing to worry about, allows me to focus on the things I have to do. Admittedly, there are people who don’t care if their shit’s not in order. They just sit in the middle of chaos, proudly. I can’t do that, but I understand it might just be me.

I don’t like things to be sloppy. Unless it’s head, …then fuck all that stuff I just said. Sloppy head rules. Like if you agree and enjoy these sloppy babes.

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New girls, new series, new site coming

From the title of the new series Test1 Productions is doing, you’ll get all the information you need to know about it. Here goes:

Sloppy Head To Completion.

We’ve got 2 scenes in the can for this first release of the new series, all shot on a Canon 5D. It’s good looking porn. If you like head videos, you’ll get what you’re looking for with these.

We’ve got 2 new girls as well – Araya Mae and Kelly Lynn.

They shot the first two scenes of the movie I mentioned, and they did a great job. They’re both also featured in the latest full feature almost complete, called “FUCK-Tastic Volume 6: Pornstars LUV Cock”. It’s a co-production with my friend and fellow producer Tony Nevada of Ava’s League Inc, and also co-produced by other good friend and fellow producer George Christos of KooKoo Entertainment Inc. Some images from the first 2 scenes are below.

Also, testing a new site design for Fuck-Tastic. It’s just the home page – no links work, but you’ll get the idea. if you want to take a peek at the initial fluid design, here it is.

Otherwise, here are hot girls sucking cock – do that like thing if you dig blowjobs.

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What riding public transit tells you about people

I don’t drive. Living in Toronto, I don’t know why I would. However, if there was a fully electric car, and a place to charge it for a reasonable fee, I’d consider it (that’s my green message for today). Until then, I’ll take transit. What’s interesting about transit is what you learn about people by riding it. Basically, most people are shitty.

I used to believe (and still hope it’s true) that people are generally good and decent to one another. What I’ve come to believe now, is that a small handful of people are good and decent to one another, a small handful of people are REALLY shitty to one another, and the majority of people just don’t give a shit.

There’s an idea about human behaviour that goes like this: The way you do any one thing, is the way you do absolutely everything.

Let that one sink in for a bit.

Some guy cuts you off in traffic, then looks at you in the rear view mirror – do you imagine he’s a gem in every other aspect of his life, except this one?

Someone who works for a collection agency, is very compassionate and giving in their personal life, and is only a prick at work?

The person who steps in front of you to get on the bus, steels your seat when you leaned out to look at the route map, refuses to give up their seat for an elderly person, ignores someone getting harassed by another dick on the subway – in every other aspect of their lives, they’re totally cool and giving, you know, just awesome people?


Examine your own behaviour in life, and see what it says about you. Make changes and be decent when you can. Honestly, being good and decent takes less effort. That’s what I learn by riding the subway. Speaking of riding and dicks …you know. Like button, etc etc.

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Damn it – I thought I was the only fat guy fucking people in Toronto…

The saddest thing about living in Toronto, Canada, is that I only have to say Rob Ford to explain why it’s embarrassing to live in Toronto, Canada, right now. Likely, for the foreseeable future, Toronto will be reduced to “that hilarious Canadian place where stupid people elected a fat crack addict, drunken embarrassment of a mayor.” Except, that isn’t the truth. I can’t tell you why fat Ford was elected to run one of Canada’s finest cities. I’m as confused about that as you are. And, to be clear, he’s not still in office because Torontonians are accepting of his conduct either. There are some nut jobs walking around the city who support him – yes, I know. That’s not the majority. He’s still in office because he just keeps showing up. He was actually ejected from office several months ago, but just went back to work anyway, and said, “Yeah, I’m just going to continue being mayor.” There’s no law on the books that can keep him from being mayor until his term is up. That’s because no one ever saw this fiasco coming. How do you prepare for an alien invasion? Same problem.

Rob Ford should have the decency to just stop showing up. I don’t get it, but there you go.

Speaking of getting fucked by a fat guy, sexy, young, exotic Nikki was welcomed to Toronto with a face full of cum. That’s just how we Canadians Roll! When you see that like button, you know what to do.

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Okay, so I didn’t blog for 3 months…

I got busy with freelance work and didn’t blog for a while. The industry isn’t kind to any producers under 10,000 videos, only top porn stars and world-wide recognition. The rest of us can’t make it work. Just remember – stolen content posted to illegal tube sites has robbed you of 1000s of potential scenes, cute babes and cum-soaked faces you COULD have enjoyed, but never will. Because they were never shot. If you’ve seen so much free porn, you don’t give a shit …that’s fair. If someone shows up with a free lunch, I can’t blame a hungry person for eating.

So, the point is, virtually ALL porn producers who aren’t Manwin, have to do things other than shooting. Shame. That said, here are some girls Manwin can’t hire. At least there’s that.

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