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New girls, new series, new site coming

From the title of the new series Test1 Productions is doing, you’ll get all the information you need to know about it. Here goes: Sloppy Head To Completion. We’ve got 2 scenes in the can for this first release of

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What riding public transit tells you about people

I don’t drive. Living in Toronto, I don’t know why I would. However, if there was a fully electric car, and a place to charge it for a reasonable fee, I’d consider it (that’s my green message for today). Until

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Damn it – I thought I was the only fat guy fucking people in Toronto…

The saddest thing about living in Toronto, Canada, is that I only have to say Rob Ford to explain why it’s embarrassing to live in Toronto, Canada, right now. Likely, for the foreseeable future, Toronto will be reduced to “that

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Okay, so I didn’t blog for 3 months…

I got busy with freelance work and didn’t blog for a while. The industry isn’t kind to any producers under 10,000 videos, only top porn stars and world-wide recognition. The rest of us can’t make it work. Just remember –

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When shit happens, and you can’t do shit – it’s bullshit

First, I do freelance creative work, and I did 2 solid months worth of work for one new client, valued at around $8,000. The client said, “we wrote the cheque, and it’s on the way”. That was a month ago.

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The douchebags that give the rest of us a bad name

I’ve encountered my share of douche-bags in this business. There are bags of douche in every walk of life and work, of course. However, there’s something about douche-bags in the adult business that stand out. That’s likely because of the

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FREE BBQ, and other things I’ve gotten from porn.

I was unable to join my friend George for a BBQ at his place on the Canada Day long weekend. So, what did George do? Made extra BBQ and drove it to my place that night after his guests left.

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What my friends say about my being in porn

When I shot my first scene with Lexi, I can remember being there at her small condo, talking things through with her, discussing what she’d wear and how we would shoot the scene. I had no clue what I was

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Canada Day, you say? Well…

All I can say is Happy Canada Day. Well, that’s not all I can say. I can also say there were fireworks going off next to my building. I mean, close enough that I could hear the match that was

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