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What riding public transit tells you about people

I don’t drive. Living in Toronto, I don’t know why I would. However, if there was a fully electric car, and a place to charge it for a reasonable fee, I’d consider it (that’s my green message for today). Until

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Damn it – I thought I was the only fat guy fucking people in Toronto…

The saddest thing about living in Toronto, Canada, is that I only have to say Rob Ford to explain why it’s embarrassing to live in Toronto, Canada, right now. Likely, for the foreseeable future, Toronto will be reduced to “that

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Okay, so I didn’t blog for 3 months…

I got busy with freelance work and didn’t blog for a while. The industry isn’t kind to any producers under 10,000 videos, only top porn stars and world-wide recognition. The rest of us can’t make it work. Just remember –

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The douchebags that give the rest of us a bad name

I’ve encountered my share of douche-bags in this business. There are bags of douche in every walk of life and work, of course. However, there’s something about douche-bags in the adult business that stand out. That’s likely because of the

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The self-promotion conundrum (aka go fuck yourself)

The largest group of followers I ever lost on social media was the result of posting images of hot naked girls. I also once posted a porn link in one of the porn link sections on reddit. It was voted

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Richard Dawkins might have one thing wrong.

Richard Dawkins is a pretty smart bloke. Though I tease about him in the title, he doesn’t have this wrong, I’m sure. But, I can’t escape the FANTASTIC (or FUCK-Tastic) reality that you can say coincidence accounts for all misfortune

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No, you’re right. You should TOTALLY post that huge dick photo on Facebook.

I’m always thrilled to pop into my FaceBook timeline and see one of “those photos” starring back at me. If you belong to ANY adult industry-based groups on FB, you know the photos I mean. The dude is often laying

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You have to “give”, even though you might not “get”. It’s a karma thing.

Everyone, …and I do mean EVERYONE who’s ever started a business, taken on a new project bigger than a doghouse or just decided to do something new and challenging knows there’s a price to be paid for it. The price?

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Do you prefer “fat” Drew Carey? Well, that’s because you’re a selfish prick.

The comedian Drew Carey lost a ton of weight. When the news spread after some press releases, I remember thinking, “Look at him. He looks weird now. I don’t like him anymore. I preferred him fat.” It’s really nice to

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