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The interesting things people say (and do) in the course of interacting for business.

The problem of perception…

Sometimes I get really discouraged. We all do. For me, in the porn business, perception is the most discouraging thing. Mostly, because there’s no way – 0.0% chance – in the entire world to change it. My journey into making

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Good things cum to those who work their fuckin asses off

One of the problems with being a porn producer in Toronto is hiring talent. There’s no “industry” to speak of here. There are girls in Toronto who want to “try” it out, but then call you 3 weeks later saying

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When shit happens, and you can’t do shit – it’s bullshit

First, I do freelance creative work, and I did 2 solid months worth of work for one new client, valued at around $8,000. The client said, “we wrote the cheque, and it’s on the way”. That was a month ago.

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The douchebags that give the rest of us a bad name

I’ve encountered my share of douche-bags in this business. There are bags of douche in every walk of life and work, of course. However, there’s something about douche-bags in the adult business that stand out. That’s likely because of the

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Hey, your hypocrisy is sticking out, please zip up

I believe in fairness. Real fairness – not the bullshit version people tell themselves is fairness, like, “I should get my pizza for free because you were eight minutes late. That’s only fair.” I mean fairness to one another, and

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If it turns out there IS a god, I’m pretty much screwed

The morality of porn is constantly a question. Google doesn’t permit legitimate porn companies to benefit from the same efforts any other business does. Christian groups protest pornography constantly – ironic that they’ve had to spend time watching porn to

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The difference between fair, and a thorough ass-fucking is perspective

Currently, just about every porn producer I know has come to the realization that they need to make their porn money from things other than porn. It’s actually quite astounding to say that. I remember speaking to my investor several

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The self-promotion conundrum (aka go fuck yourself)

The largest group of followers I ever lost on social media was the result of posting images of hot naked girls. I also once posted a porn link in one of the porn link sections on reddit. It was voted

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Trolls, okay, seriously. Your point is?

I’m struggling to understand the troll mentality. Actually, no I’m not. That makes it sound like I’m really interested in knowing more about them. I’m not. I’m more interested in the impulse that motivates someone to hate on you, unprovoked.

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