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New girls, new series, new site coming

From the title of the new series Test1 Productions is doing, you’ll get all the information you need to know about it. Here goes: Sloppy Head To Completion. We’ve got 2 scenes in the can for this first release of

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Trolls, okay, seriously. Your point is?

I’m struggling to understand the troll mentality. Actually, no I’m not. That makes it sound like I’m really interested in knowing more about them. I’m not. I’m more interested in the impulse that motivates someone to hate on you, unprovoked.

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Sometimes your dick wants to make you look stupid around girls.

I admit it …I’ve had 3 scenes go to shit, that had to be abandoned because my dick and I weren’t seeing eye to eye. I have absolutely no sexual disfunction, either. I think of Hazel Star‘s ass, or the

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I admit, I’ve been Jaded …twice.

I’m a firm believer that treating people well, and keeping your word adds up. People will give you something in return for kindness, consideration and fairness. Take the young, and super-cute Jade for example. +56

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What my friends say about my being in porn

When I shot my first scene with Lexi, I can remember being there at her small condo, talking things through with her, discussing what she’d wear and how we would shoot the scene. I had no clue what I was

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Being in a porn isn’t the way you imagine, or is it?…

Well being in a porn may or may not be the way you imagine it, depending on what you imagine. If you’re a guy (and straight), you’re possibly thinking, “Wow, it would rock to have all these hot girls sucking

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What the average teenage girl does better than ANY company…

If you put aside most celebrities, athletes and Justin Bieber (who generally have up to -and even over- millions of followers on twitter), then get past the popular social media icons you’ll find that teenaged girls have a huge share of

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Conversations from the world of porn…

Outside the set before our shoot with Maxine X for FUCK-Tastic, the crew and I were unpacking some gear. A bunch of teenagers were skateboarding down the street. One of them saw Maxine through the window, and they all screeched to a

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Editing continuity is important in porn

Filmmaking skills have a place in porn. As an editor (I perform as well, but this is the technical side), I can tell you that one of the main differences between a porn that looks amateur and a pro movie

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