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Is FREE killing your business? Well, tough shit…

If something can be taken, some asshole will take it. Period. This is, however, a unique kind of problem in the digital age. The reason no one walks up to your house and steals things off your front porch in

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Hold up, you’re talking to yourself again

It’s important to keep perspective. Especially in the porn business. To be clear, however, I should remind you that I’m not in the porn industry. I make porn, yes. I sell porn, yes. I create porn for people in porn

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Life lesson: don’t (always) be sloppy

Generally, in life, I try not to be sloppy. When i clean the bathroom, I clean the shit out of that fuckin’ bathroom. Take that statement how you like. When I wash the dishes, I WASH the fuckin’ DISHes. I

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What riding public transit tells you about people

I don’t drive. Living in Toronto, I don’t know why I would. However, if there was a fully electric car, and a place to charge it for a reasonable fee, I’d consider it (that’s my green message for today). Until

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Damn it – I thought I was the only fat guy fucking people in Toronto…

The saddest thing about living in Toronto, Canada, is that I only have to say Rob Ford to explain why it’s embarrassing to live in Toronto, Canada, right now. Likely, for the foreseeable future, Toronto will be reduced to “that

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Okay, so I didn’t blog for 3 months…

I got busy with freelance work and didn’t blog for a while. The industry isn’t kind to any producers under 10,000 videos, only top porn stars and world-wide recognition. The rest of us can’t make it work. Just remember –

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I want something beautiful

The act of making porn requires a unique sort of commitment not a lot of average Joes, or Jills, can understand. Because the internet is anonymous, the brand of criticism you receive is, singularly spectacular. For whatever reason, the porn

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When shit happens, and you can’t do shit – it’s bullshit

First, I do freelance creative work, and I did 2 solid months worth of work for one new client, valued at around $8,000. The client said, “we wrote the cheque, and it’s on the way”. That was a month ago.

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The douchebags that give the rest of us a bad name

I’ve encountered my share of douche-bags in this business. There are bags of douche in every walk of life and work, of course. However, there’s something about douche-bags in the adult business that stand out. That’s likely because of the

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