The problem of perception…

Sometimes I get really discouraged. We all do. For me, in the porn business, perception is the most discouraging thing. Mostly, because there’s no way – 0.0% chance – in the entire world to change it.

My journey into making porn has it roots in a few things. Red-blooded guy who likes hot girls and enjoys sex for starters, but that’s not the real story. I’m a creative guy and I like to create content for entertainment, but also because… I CAN do it, WANT to do it, and why the FUCK not? I’ve never had any delusions, however, that the porn industry would accept me, or that I could go to big porn and make movies, but I never really thought the industry would be so biased against me. Not the porn audience, by the way… just other pornographers.

I was told once, when I joked about doing a scene for a porn producer I know, that “No, we can’t hire you because you’re Canadian, and we can’t do that.” That same person has hired, and continues to hire, all sorts of Canadians, Brits, just about anyone. So… that was a lie. I’ve shot with models, who went on to other shoots afterward, claiming those later shoots were their “first porn scene ever”. Other producers don’t take me seriously. And the icing on the cake is that conversation I had with a producer once that went like this:

Me: I’d like to make a movie in LA sometime with stars, just to put that in my portfolio of content and to promote the site.
Him: Forget about it.
Me: …wha?
Him: It’ll never happen.
Me: Why not?
Him: The girls would never do it.
Me: …wha?
Him: You just want to fuck the girls, and they’ll see that coming a mile away.
Me: What the fuck does that mean?!
Him: The girls get approached all the time by guys trying to fuck them. They’ll even build websites and everything to try and look legit.
Me: That’s ridiculous! I’m a legit producer with a legit site.
Him: No you’re not, you’re a guy trying to fuck the girls.
Me: Uh, okay. Well… you know I have a site with members and legit content that’s been broadcast and all that. So I don’t understand what makes me any different from any other guy making…
Him: You’re not a pro.
Me: I’m not?
Him: No.
Me: Why not?
Him: You’re not skinny with a huge cock.
Me: That doesn’t make any difference.
Him: Yes it does. They guys who are skinny with huge cocks are professionals. You’re just a guy trying to fuck the girls.

That conversation went on like that for a while, and I never forgot it. At first I thought, “That’s completely, and absolutely the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard in my life.” The most discouraging thing, however, is that he was right. There is a huge prejudice in the industry. Again, not with consumers, but just with the industry. Sure there are consumers who don’t like our stuff because they want something different. That said, there are also guys online complaining that they could “put Peter North to shame” with their amazing cocks. But, generally, we get great positive feedback from our consumers. The girls aren’t objectified or treated badly in our content. It’s funny, the girls are hot and they get fucked like every other starlet out there.

But… that’s perception. When I feel the most rejected and frustrated, it’s the other producers and performers who make me feel that way. It’s never our members. For that, I’m grateful, and that’s why we make the content we do. It’s for the amazing people who appreciate us and who like the our girls as much as I do.

Speaking of girls and perception… I perceive Kelly Lynn to be pretty sexy.

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