Month: March 2016

Is FREE killing your business? Well, tough shit…

If something can be taken, some asshole will take it. Period. This is, however, a unique kind of problem in the digital age. The reason no one walks up to your house and steals things off your front porch in

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Good things cum to those who work their fuckin asses off

One of the problems with being a porn producer in Toronto is hiring talent. There’s no “industry” to speak of here. There are girls in Toronto who want to “try” it out, but then call you 3 weeks later saying

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Hold up, you’re talking to yourself again

It’s important to keep perspective. Especially in the porn business. To be clear, however, I should remind you that I’m not in the porn industry. I make porn, yes. I sell porn, yes. I create porn for people in porn

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