Life lesson: don’t (always) be sloppy

Generally, in life, I try not to be sloppy. When i clean the bathroom, I clean the shit out of that fuckin’ bathroom. Take that statement how you like. When I wash the dishes, I WASH the fuckin’ DISHes. I don’t rinse them with a vague wipe of a non-soapy sponge and call it done. No, the dish isn’t clean until it squeaks. Literally. I even do that thing with my finger to make sure. I also do my best keep things in order, pretty much all the time. I’m not an obsessive/compulsive or a neat freak… I’m just an adult, who doesn’t like things to be messy.

Well… I mean, we all have lapses. Sometimes, my computer desktop is filled with files and shit I haven’t copied to a project folder yet. Or, sometimes I’ll go a day without doing dishes, or opening mail. But, if I don’t do it soon enough, I get distracted from work and concentrating by the unclean dishes in my peripheral vision.

One less thing to worry about, allows me to focus on the things I have to do. Admittedly, there are people who don’t care if their shit’s not in order. They just sit in the middle of chaos, proudly. I can’t do that, but I understand it might just be me.

I don’t like things to be sloppy. Unless it’s head, …then fuck all that stuff I just said. Sloppy head rules. Like if you agree and enjoy these sloppy babes.

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