What riding public transit tells you about people

I don’t drive. Living in Toronto, I don’t know why I would. However, if there was a fully electric car, and a place to charge it for a reasonable fee, I’d consider it (that’s my green message for today). Until then, I’ll take transit. What’s interesting about transit is what you learn about people by riding it. Basically, most people are shitty.

I used to believe (and still hope it’s true) that people are generally good and decent to one another. What I’ve come to believe now, is that a small handful of people are good and decent to one another, a small handful of people are REALLY shitty to one another, and the majority of people just don’t give a shit.

There’s an idea about human behaviour that goes like this: The way you do any one thing, is the way you do absolutely everything.

Let that one sink in for a bit.

Some guy cuts you off in traffic, then looks at you in the rear view mirror – do you imagine he’s a gem in every other aspect of his life, except this one?

Someone who works for a collection agency, is very compassionate and giving in their personal life, and is only a prick at work?

The person who steps in front of you to get on the bus, steels your seat when you leaned out to look at the route map, refuses to give up their seat for an elderly person, ignores someone getting harassed by another dick on the subway – in every other aspect of their lives, they’re totally cool and giving, you know, just awesome people?


Examine your own behaviour in life, and see what it says about you. Make changes and be decent when you can. Honestly, being good and decent takes less effort. That’s what I learn by riding the subway. Speaking of riding and dicks …you know. Like button, etc etc.

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