Okay, so I didn’t blog for 3 months…

I got busy with freelance work and didn’t blog for a while. The industry isn’t kind to any producers under 10,000 videos, only top porn stars and world-wide recognition. The rest of us can’t make it work. Just remember – stolen content posted to illegal tube sites has robbed you of 1000s of potential scenes, cute babes and cum-soaked faces you COULD have enjoyed, but never will. Because they were never shot. If you’ve seen so much free porn, you don’t give a shit …that’s fair. If someone shows up with a free lunch, I can’t blame a hungry person for eating.

So, the point is, virtually ALL porn producers who aren’t Manwin, have to do things other than shooting. Shame. That said, here are some girls Manwin can’t hire. At least there’s that.

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