My experience with Amy Anderssen…

This is my real experience with Amy Anderssen.

Amy: Will you do a site for me?

Me: Yes, I will.

Amy: I don’t want to pay for it – I already paid someone else. Will you do it for free?

Me: …okay, sure.

Amy: Great: I need a logo, too. Will you do it?

Me: Okay, sure.

Amy: For fr..

(I interrupt her)


Me: For free? No problem.

(I do logo, website and multimedia elements, and show her)


Amy: OH MY GOD! This is AMAZING!

Me: Thanks.

Amy: You’re going to do all the uploading and maintenance as well, right?

Me: Yes.

Amy: Awesome!

Me: By the way, would you consider shooting a scene for my site?

Amy: No.

Me: Okay, thanks.

True story.

The End.

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