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No, you’re right. You should TOTALLY post that huge dick photo on Facebook.

I’m always thrilled to pop into my FaceBook timeline and see one of “those photos” starring back at me. If you belong to ANY adult industry-based groups on FB, you know the photos I mean. The dude is often laying down, holding the camera and pointing it down-bed towards his feet – occasionally, you’re rewarded with a rare standing photo of a dude, standing bow-legged, pointing the camera down to the floor – in any case, the photo is interrupted by their huge, fully erect (and really close to the camera) weird-shaped cock starring back at you. Continue reading


You have to “give”, even though you might not “get”. It’s a karma thing.

Everyone, …and I do mean EVERYONE who’s ever started a business, taken on a new project bigger than a doghouse or just decided to do something new and challenging knows there’s a price to be paid for it. The price? Well, that’s blood, sweat and the risk of no return. But guess what – you gotta pay the toll… Continue reading


Being in a porn isn’t the way you imagine, or is it?…

Well being in a porn may or may not be the way you imagine it, depending on what you imagine. If you’re a guy (and straight), you’re possibly thinking, “Wow, it would rock to have all these hot girls sucking my cock and fucking me like it was on sale!” Pardon me for a moment, …I know I have it here somewhere (rummages around desk, checks pockets) …where… OH! Here it is! It’s a dose of reality. Continue reading


The social integration challenge (aka: why I cancel shoots, and other shit)

The real challenges theses days aren’t what they used to be. Before social, open-source publishing and interactivity, you had to pick up the phone, walk out your door and make an effort to find people. That, just ain’t the case anymore. You find people through your keyboard, in about 4 minutes. That’s awesome, but for one thing – so what? Are they qualified to do what they say? Are they serious, or just trolling you? What happens when you have to commit, before you know for sure? Well, there’s the chestnut… Continue reading


What the average teenage girl does better than ANY company…

If you put aside most celebrities, athletes and Justin Bieber (who generally have up to -and even over- millions of followers on twitter), then get past the popular social media icons¬†you’ll find that teenaged girls have a huge share of the twitter market. Continue reading


Do you prefer “fat” Drew Carey? Well, that’s because you’re a selfish prick.

The comedian Drew Carey lost a ton of weight. When the news spread after some press releases, I remember thinking, “Look at him. He looks weird now. I don’t like him anymore. I preferred him fat.” It’s really nice to know that what I want for myself is clearly WAY more important than his happiness, health and welfare . Hold on …ah SHIT. Now, I’m a selfish prick! Continue reading


You’re entitled to read this – but, you will have to wait until I’m done writing it down.

There was a fire alarm in the building this morning at about 6:15am. I could actually smell smoke, and it was coming from somewhere on my floor. I walked to the lobby and waited. After about 20 minutes of firemen and explanations, all was clear. Well, still smokey, but officially not deadly. Someone had left a pot of breakfast on the stove. I came back upstairs and thought to lie back down for an hour and get up normally, but my mind was otherwise occupied. Continue reading


So, I bet that turned out well…

I was just heading out for some grocery shopping, and noticed a ruckus at the security desk in my building. There was a blond woman, maybe 30, standing at the desk talking to the guard. Before I could hear what she was saying, I noticed her making these exaggerated gestures. It was a bit like she was tossing pizza dough in the air, but without the dough. Continue reading


When things go south, hard…

There are all kinds of things that can go wrong when you take huge risks. Like, for example, you leave a 6-figure job and go into something nutty, like the porn biz. That’s exactly what I did, by the way (if you didn’t see that coming). Sounds awesome, but now what? Well, trouble, is what. Continue reading