You can’t stand up to trolls, because they won’t go toe-to-toe…

I always knew that doing porn would be quite a bit different than, say, …being an accountant. Well, obviously. I also know that because I’m the exact opposite, in every possible way, to anyone remotely suited to doing porn, that I would come under attack for doing it anyway. I fully expect the occasional “that guy’s fat”, or “he has a small dick”. Anyone doing any type of performance for public consumption (dancing, music, public speaking, cooking show, you name it…) will be attacked for no reason by armchair retards. Those who can’t “do”, complain about those who can. But I have to say, that I never really knew until recently, the depths of downright evil intentions some people have. They just troll the internet ready to strike in an instant from behind a computer screen, in secret. What’s worse, they’re fully ready to take it to any level to satisfy their intentions. These “things” are known as trolls.

Recently, a forum local to my area discovered my adult website, and my traffic went through the roof. Since I’m in the online entertainment business to make money, you’d imagine that as a good thing. Traffic is pretty hard to get, especially valuable adult traffic. The problem, however, is that the local forum is an escort review forum and some of the models who’ve worked with my production company are local escorts. Some of the girls even talked about possibly posting about their porn exploit on this very same board as possible self-promotion. However, when it was discussed by another member and the community saw it, let’s just say, it was the perfect troll back door opportunity.

For over a solid week (so far), the vicious attacks on both the models and myself started pouring in. The attacks on me were no surprise, though I didn’t think it would be that intense. All I had done was created an adult entertainment company, produced (and played in) some adult videos and made them available for people to enjoy. For that, without knowing one thing about me, the forum members started in on me as a “fat fucking cock-sucker douchebag!” and “a fat bald fuck with no dick!”, “scum-bag”, “asshole”, “muther-fucker” …it went on and on for page after page, after page, after page. If I was standing there in front of a group of them, and they had guns, they’d have emptied all their bullets into me, reloaded, done it again, and when they ran out of bullets, they’d have gone to Walmart, bought more, come back, reloaded, and emptied all the new bullets into my dead body, cut my head off, dragged my body behind their car and held a spear high in the air with my head on it. Then, wrote a book about it called “Die you fuckin’ cock-sucker, muther-fuckin’ Douchebag!!!!” – and they’d have actually used all those exclamations in the title. But it was the attacks on the models that I found disturbing. That took a special brand of cowardice.

I won’t go into details about that part, because enough is enough, frankly. I never expected the models to be harassed, but then I didn’t really know what I was up against. I have a better idea now. Most of my online shenanigans have been limited to face-book, Twitter, some pro forums and such. I’ve seen plenty of trolls – that isn’t a surprise. The surprise is how truly angry they are, at everyone.

I joined the forum to post a thread in defence of the models, and to clarify my position as the site owner and a business man. In other words, I broke the rule which is “Don’t give a troll anything.” At the end of this blog entry is the post I made – read it for context if you like. I was harsh, mostly because I was disgusted at the accusations, the needless attacks and flaming comments made for absolutely no reason, but a troll doesn’t need a reason. They just need an in. My error was forgetting that. For a while I disabled the site content, to the annoyance of existing members – fortunately, they’re decent people – in order to give a couple of the models time to calm down. They were being harassed pretty aggressively. One model requested to be taken down, at an unfortunate financial cost to her as a result of my investor agreements, and I took the time to do that before restoring the site. Another model asked if I could simply block access to the site from my local area so the increased attention to the site didn’t have an affect on her personal life. I did so. For the safety and protection of the young women who’ve been so giving to me and have my complete respect. They’re all wonderful people, and so brave to do porn and have fun with it. Many can’t.

Now, there are well over a thousand attempts per day by the guys from the forum to gain access to the content I’d deleted or disabled. I cautioned them against ripping out and posting the materials on public access site as a 2257 issue. The model releases are with my company, not some troll on the internet. To post adult content anywhere on the net, you need to prove you have these agreements. But, I’ve also come to realize that the troll network goes deep. It’s easier to post content on the web without the proper documents than to prove you’re the owner of the proper documents. The troll simply has to click “Yes” when uploading, and they’re not challenged. When I request the content be pulled, I’m asked to demonstrate my ownership through a long and frankly unfair and ridiculous process that simply isn’t worth doing. The troll is simply baiting you to do it, so he can post to the next site once you get it pulled. It’s a game. Their game. A game you can’t win. The conundrum of website security is that all the security measures combined can only serve to keep out yourself, and the average innocent consumer. The 100 troll assholes you’re worried about can’t be stopped. A security developer said it best, “An internet security developer spends 8 hours a day on his/her craft. The troll spends 16 hours a day being a troll. They’re twice as good at it.” What’s even more, when trolls post the content on these free sites, the site makes it hard for the content owner to prove ownership, because they’re willing to deal with ownership violations just to get the hits. They turn a blind eye.

In the end, I’ve concluded that I can’t take everyone’s problems on as my own. It pains me to see the girls harassed, and if you put me in a room with the ones harassing them I’d demonstrate my personal style of handling such issues. Yes, that’s a challenge to any of the trolls in question, or any new ones. A challenge that will go unanswered, except from in hiding, behind a computer screen. I’ve totally restored the site, minus the deleted content and the block is still in effect, though all the forum guys have been posting to each other how to get around it. They’ll pull the content and post it and wait to see if I go mental trying to get it pulled. I won’t . At the end of the day, they’ll only serve to help my business at their own expense and effort. As for the girls, I’ll have each of their backs, always. That’s a fact.

Here’s the post that turned the world upside down…

To the **** community – I created an account for the sole purpose of this one post. I’ve glanced through the original posted thread about SPs doing porn on my site, and I’m generally pretty disturbed by all your behaviour, with the exception of a sober few. Here are the things you need to know – I won’t be replying to any posts in this thread, by the way. You want to talk to me,

First and foremost:

Fuck every one of you cowards who’ve been sending private messages to the girls that are on my site, harassing them from behind a your computer screen. You call me a douchebag? You think my hosting a porn site is to blame for your actions? Wrong. I’d suggest the girls start posting your private messages in a thread, with your TERB handles, but that’s me. Show some basic respect. If the admins aren’t decent enough to take action, that’s a shame too.

To the Agencies:

As a professional, I hope that you as professionals will guard the safety of the girls in your employ who’ve been called out by the community. A couple of them are scared.


I’m Calvin of Calvin is my real name (middle, not first). To make a point to the posters who thought I “shut down the site and ran from the Terb guys” …hardly. You guys, on the other hand, are hiding from everyone behind some internet persona. Yup, you’re real bad-asses.

For those who call me a “douchebag” or whatever, I’m a little confused. What did I do to you, exactly? Seems you’re pretty bitter, and angry. Good luck with that, I guess.

For those who criticize the way I look, that I’m (if I remember correctly), a bald fat fuck with a small cock (again, not sure what I did to piss you all off, but…) all I can say is, chin up Cowboys …the right man will come along for you that’s more your type. I totally understand I’m not your cup of tea, but these gents may be more to your liking – I mean honestly, some of them look downright buffed!

My Company:

Test1 Productions is a CRTC-registered Canadian content building company. We’re affiliated with several other Canadian studios, all building content for distribution through a larger network in LA. I’m not a guy in a basement with a camera and a wet dream. Sorry to destroy your fantasy of me (I’m sure many of you were imagining me several ways, but I digress – see above paragraph). Yes, I started out as a guy with a camera, but here’s a news flash – ALL producers did. Now, I’m a production studio with a crew of four and about 20 other affiliate producers, directors DOPs and general crew. I’m not associated in any way with anyone on the board, at TERB or with any agency, including DMs.

Condoms and porn:

Grow up. Of course I’m tested. Strictly, and in the same manner as the US talent. We don’t have the AIM program here in Canada, but my physician (I tell him what I do – I don’t hide on a forum on the internet) tests me accordingly, often and following the same guidelines as AIM. Blood and urine for everything possible. I don’t fuck outside the business anymore – the sacrifice I make for the work – and that’s how it is. EVERY studio in the world, with very few exceptions, shoot without condoms for porn. It’s an industry standard and we have to be competitive. Every one of you going off about condoms is a hypocrite. We all prefer porn without them, visually speaking. That’s the biz. We’re careful and it’s controlled. I take no more risks than anyone, at any time. She has clean papers, I have clean papers, that’s an acceptable risk. Walking down the street is more dangerous.

SPs and “BBFS”:

Grow up. Of course they don’t offer it. “BBFS” is an escorting term for fucking some random “client” without a condom. These girls aren’t going to do that. They trust me. I’m a professional, and I have the papers. They don’t trust you. You’re a random dick, and you don’t. Each of the girls who’ve shot with me have gone through a long negotiation process, and this issue is discussed fully and maturely. We, together, are creating an entertainment product. Like anything, there are guidelines to doing it right. The porn business is a real business, and it’s how it gets done. They were all awesome about it, and far more mature than any of you degenerates who’ve been harassing them about it. Especially you shit-heads asking them for it as a service.

The models:

They’re not all SPs. Some are just models, who model. This is modelling. Only a few are SPs.

The site:

We blocked the content temporarily out of respect for the wishes of a couple of the models who approached me after the original thread was posted. The content will be back to normal soon, and the site is still in operation. It seems I care about the well-being of these young women far more than any of you who are calling me everything in the book. One model has requested to be removed from the site (at a financial cost to her, unfortunately) after being harassed so much by members of this forum, that she can barely stand the stress. Way to go, fags. You’re real heros.

Access to the site:

I know some of you trolls are good at hacking, getting around blocked URLs, whatever, and that I can’t stop you from getting in if you want it badly enough. That’s what low-lifes do. Read the next part and, please, take it seriously. I hope the moderators do – it could have an impact on your site.

2257 content violation:

You start pulling content out of my site and posting it here, or on any website, you’re violating copyright law. The models signed the 2257 compliance and release documents with us, not you. That’s legally actionable by both the model herself, and by my company. And yes, you can be tracked down by Law Enforcement. On a human level, it’s a shitty thing to do, so just don’t.

Finally, to those flaming me for page, after page, after page about how “ghetto” I am, and how terrible my site is:

Where’s your porn production company? Where’s your site where your face is out there, and you’re doing it? Who’s your distribution deal with? The well over 150 of you who’ve tried to join the site since the original post may speak to a different opinion. My payment processor has been going mental over the cancellations that I’ve requested.

I’m the luckiest guy to be doing this business, and I did it out of pure hard work, a lot of effort over time and as an act of sheer will. I wasn’t given the genetic gifts that some were, but that didn’t stop me. You had no say in what you were born with, and neither did I. I’m doing something with mine. You think you can do it better? Wrong …until you HAVE done it, and put yourself out there (not behind a computer screen being “tough”), you’re all talk.


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