Month: August 2011

The one odd behaviour shared by EVERY model who “cancels” a shoot…

I’ve learned a lot making porn. I’ve learned about the aesthetics of video and light, I’ve learned about flattering angles, editing, colour correction, creativity. I’ve learned how wonderful people can be, and how dark, cruel and evil-intended others can be.

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Telling the “story” in a porn…

I don’t shoot porn with a story, but I do shoot it with a setup scene. A funny way to get the girl naked. I didn’t always do it, and many of the videos are pure gonzo – she says

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You can’t stand up to trolls, because they won’t go toe-to-toe…

I always knew that doing porn would be quite a bit different than, say, …being an accountant. Well, obviously. I also know that because I’m the exact opposite, in every possible way, to anyone remotely suited to doing porn, that

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Recent shoot with Jade

Hot little blond – the scene will be up shortly at +26

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